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Margo Ltd. is a family company that is engaged in deformation of sheet metal and manufacture of semi-finished products for various cisterns, receivers, storage bins and bunkers, cauldrons and boilers.

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Margo once and today

Company history

The company was established in 1956 under the then name Coppersmithery - Cauldron Forging, sole trader, which was founded in the form of handicraft workshop by Franc Tomažič. As it is evident from the name itself, the company was at its beginnings oriented in processing of copper and cauldron forging. With the breakup of Yugoslavia, the copper processing was reduced gradually and, in the year 1998, this business was completely discontinued. In the meantime, the production focused slowly and constantly on the new range of products. Thus from the year 1998 onwards, all working is based on mechanical deformation and production of semi-finished products for cisterns, receivers, storage bins and bunkers, boilers and cauldrons. In the year 2003, the legal form of the company was changed as well and the family company was renamed from Coppersmithery - Cauldron Forging, sole trader, into Margo, private limited company (LTD). Since the year 1985, the company has been managed by Alojz Kocijančič, the current company director.

The company today

The company Margo Ltd. is a family company that is engaged in deformation of sheet metal and manufacture of semi-finished products for various cisterns, receivers, storage bins and bunkers, cauldrons and boilers. The company covers mainly the markets of Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia. In the year 2016, the company already celebrated the 60th anniversary, which places our company among one of the oldest suchlike companies in Slovenia. To achieve this enviable period, it was necessary to invest a great effort, hard work and constantly aquiring new technical knowledge, which enables us to achieve higher and higher requirements in the sphere of products quality. We managed to achieve this period also by the help of flexibility and individual approach to every customer. For more than six decades, we have perserved the business relationship with many customers and we have maintained their satisfaction with our services, at the same time, we are always open and prepared to cooperation with new ones.

Our services

Our company is specialized for metal sheets processing, namely for cold deformed slabs. The production equipment consists of two presses and a flanging machine that make the manufacture of concave bottoms and containers possible with the pressing and flanging process. The slabs diameters, that we are treating, range from 60 mm to 3200 mm and the thickness of the slabs from 3 mm to 12 mm (at specific material also 15 mm).

Cauldron sheet metal, constructional steel, stainless steel (inox), aluminium and copper are used for standard materials. We also make the processing with deep tow, but only for the metal sheets of smaller dimensions, which do not exceed the diameter of 450 mm.

Production presentation

Stiskanje pločevine


Deformation process consists of two key steps. In the first step, the sheet metal is deformed between press machine tools, namely between upper working part – patrix and bottom fixed part – matrix. Positioning procedure of the workpiece goes on manually or by the help of manipulator, which moves the workpiece in different positions of deformation. In this technique, the straight slab is deformed into spherical shape or the so-called plate, which is then prepared for the second step of deformation. In case of calottes and products, when flanging is not necessary, the processing ends with pressing.


In the second step, the processing takes place on the flanging machine. The middle of the plate is fastened on a thorn, which makes its rotating and deformation possible between two rotary rollers. The function of the fixed roller is to process into required radius. The function of the pushing roller is to transfer the force on the moulded roller. In case of flat plates, only the hemming process is carried out, without preceding pressing.

Robljenje pločevine

Finished products

Production programme

Deep bottoms
Shallow bottoms
Flat bottoms
Diffused bottoms

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